What services do you provide?

Integrated Wealth Management offers a planning process unlike anything you’ve been exposed to previously it’s called the Hub & Spoke Wealth Integration Process™.

By exploring the subjective issues surrounding your wealth, we’ll narrow the universe of available strategies down to the salient few that fit. We look at strategies a la carte, and in concert, illustrating how a decision in one part of your financial life can dramatically impact other areas.

Areas of planning include:
– Estate and Asset Protection Planning
– Business Succession Planning
– Retirement Planning
– Investment Planning
– Fringe Benefit Strategies

Note: See services section of our website for more detailed descriptions

Why Choose IWM over a large financial institution?

At IWM a client is treated like part of the family, we take a subjective, personal approach with each client to suit their specific needs. This is unlike an “assembly line” type of planning that one might receive from a large, faceless institution that relies on quantity over quality. To us every client is a “large fish in a small pond.”

How do I establish a relationship with your firm?

You can call us at 732-510-1610 or contact us here to schedule a short interview. This interview can be a call, webex or in person meeting to see if we have a fit. Simply, the problems you present are the ones we’re trying to solve.

How are you compensated?

We have a three tiered compensation structure.

First and foremost at Integrated Wealth Management we feel objectivity, that is remaining objective throughout the planning process is a key component of any financial relationship. To that end we charge a planning fee for the design, delivery and most importantly implementation of your customized financial solutions.This fee is based on the complexity of the work not on net worth or income.

A second form of compensation is through product implementation. This can include investments, insurance, retirement plans, and fringe benefits. However, we do not require when an individual retains our firm that they implement solutions through us. We separate our design and implementation services so a client does not feel incumbent to implement through us. We wish to earn the trust, and subsequently the right to be the go to source to implement financial solutions.

The final way we are compensated is through active goodwill. No money changes hands here, but we find this the most important means of our compensation going forward. Our wish is not to just create a satisfied client, but rather an advocate for our firm, our people and our approach.

Do you invest your own money in the securities or portfolios you recommend?


Why might I need investment management services?

Today’s markets are more complicated than ever. For the average investor it’s like walking through a minefield blindfolded. There is a dizzying amount of information to process. Today’s investor needs a competent adviser, or advisory team that can walk with them hand in hand to ensure financial success. In addition there has been a significant paradigm shift in the way an individual investor should allocate their assets among the dominant benefit categories (i.e. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, et cetera.) Today, and into the future the integration of alternative asset classes into a traditional portfolio will provide the lowest amount of volatility with the highest potential for positive returns and not just in bad markets but all markets. At Integrated Wealth Management we have proven over 20 years to have our finger on the pulse of the best alternative managers available to the public.

Will I be able to view my account online?

We have established an aggregation platform, a client encrypted website which will allow you easy access to view your current financial condition at any time from anywhere regardless of where your assets are held. In addition this website allows for a collaborative approach with other trusted advisors. Simply with your approval, anyone of your trusted advisors can login to the website and literally be speaking from the same page. This helps avoid any gaps in planning going forward.

How will you communicate with me about my investment account? Will I receive notices or reports?

Outside of the aggregation platform, there is always going to be routine communication on a monthly basis along with a quarterly summary and letter commenting on the economy and current market conditions.

Will my account information remain confidential?

Of course, it is the law.

I am not in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan region. Can Integrated Wealth Management still be my advisor?

Even though our physical location is in Edison, NJ we offer planning services nationwide.
Note: See contact us under directions for our address and contact information

Are your fees tax deductible?

Yes, they are tax deductible for a business entity and in some cases personally, please consult your tax advisor.

Once I am a client how can I access my personal E-Money Website?

Go to https://wealth.emaplan.com/ema/summitfinancial/iwmco Log in using your user name and password. If you should have trouble logging in, please contact out office and we will re-set your password. Note: As with most secured web-sites if you try to log in unsuccessfully three times you will be locked out and the password will have to be re-set.